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CFT2 Explosion Proof Spot Light

Model : CFT2-400W/ CFT2-250W

Applied to illumination for ship, oil exploit platform, chemical and explosive gas atmospheres.

The shell adopts good quality cast aluminum, lampshade adopts hard borax glass.
The reflector is made of mirror aluminium plate with high reflectivity, exposed uniformity and other characteristics.
The lamp can be used in ambient temperature Ta 45 °C.
Cable outside diameter is ∅10 ∼ ∅12mm,Cross-sectional area 1.5mm².
Maximum projected area 0.073m².

Explosion-proof mark : Exd IIBT2/ Exd IIBT3
Explosion- proof quality certificate number : NLE06319

Voltage : 220V
Power : 400W/ 250W
Lamp holder : E40
Weight : 19kg
IMPA Code : 370482