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em-trak AIS SART100


The em-trak AIS SART100 is an internationally certified (Wheelmark) search and rescue transponder.

The em-trak AIS SART100 is quality engineered to be stored undisturbed for up to five years and be instantly operational in the event of an emergency. Each unit is supplied as standard with bulk head mounting bracket, grab bag and mounting pole.


  • Advanced technology maximises range.
  • High quality, designed to last.
  • Designed to operate in the harshest environment
  • Small and lightweight
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Internationally certified

  • Downloads

Fully certified and globally approved as an AIS SART, the SART100 complies with all SART regulations. Once activated the SART transmits a special message which is recognised by all AIS devices as an emergency message, pin pointing your identity and location.

Key Features

“*Reliable, robust performance in all conditions
*Easy to use in all conditions
*Long life battery with guaranteed minimum 5 years life
*Ideal form factor for easy operation in an emergency
*Life raft compatible
*Self test feature”