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Hammar H20R HRU


IMPA Code : 330119
Approvals : BV / MED

Key Features

The Hammar H20 hydrostatic release units are approved all over the world, fulfi l the
requirements of the SOLAS 74 Convention, IMO Res. MSC 97(73)8.1/8.6 (2000 HSC Code)
IMO Res. MSC. 48(66), IMO Res. MSC.81(70), IMO MSC/Circ.811, approved to EU Directive
96/98 EC on Marine Equipment and has a Nato stock number. Release depth 1,5 – 4,0
metres according to IMO/SOLAS regulations.


The Hammar H20 White Strong Rope is secured to the deck or liferaft cradle and attached to the liferaft lashing with a slip hook. If the ship sinks, the water pressure will, within four meters, activate the sharp knife, which cuts the rope, and the liferaft will float free. As the ship sinks, the liferaft painter line will stretch, and the liferaft starts to inflate. The Red Weak Link™ breaks, and survivors can board the floating liferaft.

The Hammar H20 R consists of a looped white rope line, a release mechanism, and a Red Weak Link™ (breaking strength 2,2 ± 0,4kN). The breaking strength of the H20 R is 15kN.