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ICOM M73 VHF Marine Transceiver


Product Info
  • Last Call Voice Recording
  • Active Noise Cancelling Technology
  • Bass Boost Function
  • 700 mW Loud Audio
  • 6 W RF Output Power
  • IPX8 Submersible Plus™ Waterproofing
  • Slim, Hourglass Body Wide Viewing Angle LCD


“・ AquaQuake™ prevents audio degradation from a water-logged speaker
・ Dual/Tri-Watch function for monitoring Channel 16 and/or call channel
・ 4 level battery indicator
・ Favorite channel and tag scan functions
・ Rapid desktop charger, BC-210, and cigarette lighter cable, CP-25H, are supplied
・ Optional waterproof speaker-microphones, HM-167 and HM-202
・ Auto power save function
・ Basic version (no voice recorder, no noise canceller and no bass boost function) available for limited markets.
・ Supports 4-digit channels”

Key Features

“*Last Call Voice Recording
*Active Noise Cancelling Technology
*Bass Boost Function
*700 mW Loud Audio
*6 W RF Output Power
*IPX8 Submersible Plus™ Waterproofing
*Slim, Hourglass Body Wide Viewing Angle LCD”