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Jabsco 233SL Searchlight 24V

The 233SL Dual Beam Searchlight sports a clean, modern look with a mulititude of new features never seen before in a searchlight of this size and price range.

Auto Sweep : With the light on in either fast or slow mode, pushing this button will continuously sweep the light 10° each side of the initial target spot in slow mode. If the light was in fast mode when hitting the sweep button the light will automatically place the unit into slow mode.

Beam Strength : 200,000cp
Bulb Wattage : 55W
Case Material : Anodized and painted aluminum housing
Case Dimensions : 8″H x 9.4″W x 9.6″D
Range of Motion Side to Side : 360° continuous (26°/10 seconds)
Range of Motion Up/Down : 9°/18° (7.5° / second)
Control Type : 8-Way Controller