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NSR ZXF-N2000 Handheld VHF

ZXF-N2000 Explosive-Proof Handheld VHF Radiophone

– Use on-board tankers or for fire service communication.
– Designed to comply with IMO A.694 (17), IMO A.762 (18), IMO A.809 (19), IMO MSC338 (91)
– Includes 19 VHF simplex channels assigned to marine use by ITU. Private channels or other channel are optional.
– Small, lightweight and easy-to-use.
– Watertight to a depth of 1 m for at least 5 min and not unduly affected by seawater or oil.
– External MIC/Speaker can be attached as optional.
– EX-PRO design. CQST EX-PRO approval (Cer. No.: CNEx15.0497).

– Transceiver 1 set
– Rechargeable Battery Pack 1 pc
– Charger & Adaptor 1 set
– Antenna 1 pc
– Belt Clip 1 pc
– Wrist Rope 1 pc


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