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Samyung BNW-50 BNWAS

BNWAS(Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System)

Model: BNW-50

• Comply with IMO Res. 128(75), IMO Res.A.694(17), IEC 62616(2010), IEC 60945(2002) & IEC 61162(2007).
• ALR (alarm) sentence output (IEC 61162) for VDR.
• Responds to the other navigational equipment’ s ALR (alarm) and EVE(event) sentence input.
• Time display function once GPS signal is connected.
• Easy to extend the function due to the availability of various options.
• Function that monitors the bridge activity and detects operator disability which could lead to marine accidents
• Alerts the stand-by officer when the watch officer does not responds to the visual and audible alarm.
• Equipped with emergency call and navigator call button.
• Automatic reset function that detects the movement of the watch officer by using the motion sensor.
• Use of password protects the control of setup menu
• Easy to operate since display uses numbers and graphics.