Blue Box Suction Pad

The “Blue Box” suction pad used to secure the bottom of the accommodation ladder to the ship’s side insures the accommodation ladder rests firmly against the ships side in a┬ácost effective, safe and practical manner.

The “Blue Box” operates from free supplied deck air at 6-7kg/cm2 the unit is made from non ferrous materials therefore is resistant to corrosion, it is light weight at approximately 6kgs, can be stored easily, is portable and rodust. This simple device can solve many problems associated with high free board vessels and is an added safety device which may save injury to pilots and crew alike.

The unit is usable on a variety of different materials and can also be used for other applications where a point of attachment is required on any flat surface.

The “Blue Box” can also be used as a lifting device where no other attachment point is available i.e lifting steel plate etc.

The Amendments 2000 to the International Convention for Safety of life at Sea (SOLAS), Chapter V, Regulation 23, Pilot transfer arrangements, Clause 3 Transfer arrangements, requires that arrangements shall be provided to enable the pilot to embark and disembark safely on either side of the ship and Clause states that safe and convenient access to, and egress from, the ship shall be provided by an accommodation ladder in conjunction with the pilot ladder, or other equally safe and convenient means, whenever the distance from the surface of the water to the point of access to the ship is more than 9metres. The accommodation ladder shall be sited leading off. When in use, the lower end of the accommodation ladder shall rest firmly against the ship’s side with the parallel body length of the ship and, as far as is practicable, within the mid-ship half length and clear of all discharges.