Hwayan Lifejacket Light YD50

Life jacket light type YD50 is powered by a alkaline battery, white LED for light source and uses a constant current boost control chip for LED drive circuit.

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  • Small and lightweight, size 60mm×31mm, weight 40g(without bracket)
  • Alkaline battery provides high level safety and convenient transportation
  • Intelligence battery capacity check is easy to recognize the available usage condition of the light.
  • Fluorescent yellow and black color provides high visible performance in dark.
Tech Specs
  • Luminous intensity : ≥0.75cd
  • Duration : ≥10h
  • Battery : LR03(Alkaline AAA)
  • Lamp-house : LED
  • Validity :MED=5 years, CCS= 3 years.
  • Retro-reflective tape : SOLAS approved.