McMurdo breaktHRU

The McMurdo HRU (Hydrostatic Release Unit) is the water pressure activated automatic release mechanism for the Smartfind Plus EPIRB Auto Housing (E5 / G5) and older McMurdo EPIRB models (E3 / G4, Rescue406 / Precision406).

The HRU is designed to automatically release the Auto Housing cover and discharge the Smartfind Plus EPIRB at a depth of between 2 – 4 metres. This action is carried out by a small charge within the HRU forcing a blade to cut through a plastic retaining bolt, releasing both the Auto Housing cover and a spring that forces a lever arm to eject the Smartfind Plus EPIRB.

Our McMurdo BreaktHRU EPIRB Hydrostatic Release Unit for:
Kit for McMurdo EPIRBs 82-962-001A
Kit for Kannad Marine EPIRBs K82-962-009A [replaced by 82-962-001A]
Kit for Sailor EPIRBs 82-962-002A [replaced by 82-962-001A]
Kit for SIMRAD EPIRBs 82-962-003A [replaced by 82-962-001A]
Kit for Kelvin Hughes S-VDRs 82-962-007A [replaced by 82-962-001A]
Kit for McMurdo C1 S-VDRs 82-962-008A [replaced by 82-962-001A]