MK5 Auto Inflation System

United Moulders MK5 Auto Inflation System

The great benefit of this lifejacket inflation system is that there is also automatic override which usually activates within 3 seconds of the system being submerged in water. The automatic cartridge contains a powerful, retained compressed spring.

The UML MK5 Automatic Lifejacket Inflation System has a fail-safe manual pull cord, the lifejacket is inflated by simply gripping and jerking the pull toggle situtated in a handy position outside of the life jacket cover.

When the paper element becomes wet, it releases the spring which pushes a plunger forward enabling a cutter pierce the CO2 gas cylinder. The CO2 gas from the cylinder instantly passes through the inflator head, inflating the lifejacket.

The product, approved in accordance with the ISO12402 Part 7 standard requirement for life jackets.