Product Info
  • Designed to use for emergency purpose on lifecraft.
  • NRT-1000 adopts low consumption devices to ensure the product to continuously operate more than 96 hours.
  • The Search and Rescue Radar Transponder (SART) is a 9 GHz receiver / transmitter which provides a position.
  • The fundamental function of the SART is to indicate its position by producing range and bearing information on any
  • 9 GHz radar screen of any nearby ship, vessels and aircraft (with no modification).
  • NRT-1000 conforms to the latest standards including IMO A.802 (19), IEC 61097-1.
  • CCS type approval.


 Technical Specifications
 TX Frequency: 9.2~9.5GHz
 Polarization: Horizontal
 Radiated Power: 400mW  E.I.R.P
 Receiver Sensitivity: Better than -50dBm
 Battery Requirements (NBT100S)
 Battery Voltage: 7.2VDC
 Storage Temp.: -30 ~ +70℃
 Storage Time: 5 years on board (see Note 1)
 Working Hours: At least 96 hours
 Working Environments  
 Operation Temp.: -20 ~ +55
 Floating Type: Floatable
 IP Grade: IP67
 Dimension & Weight 
 Dimension: 95(D) × 377(L)  mm           
 Weight: 750g
      *Note1: It is recommended that the battery can be stored at the dealer/agent max 1 year since purchased
and it should be replaced in 5 years after supplied to a vessel.