Oil Spill Absorbent Booms

Spilfyter  (USA) OSW – 52S Boom, 20cm x 5m
Spilfyter  (USA) OSW – 55S Boom, 13cm  x 5m
Spilfyter  (USA) OSW – 51S Boom, 20cm x 3m
Spilfyter  (USA) OSW – 54S Boom, 13cm x 3m

Filled with 100% meltblown polypropylene for high adsorption
Now with 4x stronger rope & loop ends
High retention of oil thanks to inner sleeve
Adsorbs petroleum based liquids and repels water
Available in two diameters as well as two lengths allowing for more flexibility
Can be connected one to the other in order to cover larger areas
Booms continue to float even when saturated
Ideal for use during clean-up of oil spills on water
Can even be used on land as a temporary barrier during oil spills
Inner lining prevents fill from leaking out during clean up
Economical choice when cleaning spills