Oil Spill Absorbent Socks

Spilfyter (USA) Oil-Only Meltblown Sorbent Sock (Mini-Boom)

OSW-30, OSW-34, OSW-37 models

Filled with 100% polypropylene for cost effectiveness

Sorbent Socks use 100% recycled material filler – with same great performance

Sustayn sorbents perform as good or better than the leading sorbent product produced from virgin raw materials* flexible – can thereby be shaped around leaky machinery or drums.

Available in two different lengths for added customer choice

Can also be used during clean up of smaller oil spills on water

Ideal for use in order to surround and contain liquids during a land spill

Adsorbs petroleum based liquids and repels water

Components :

100% Meltblown Polypropylene; 100% Post – Consumer Recycled Corrugate Box