Wolf Airlamp Accessories



IMPA Codes: 33 06 54 – A-300 / 33 06 51 – A-179 / 33 06 52 – A-180 / 33 06 53 – A-184

Folding Tripod Stand (A-300)

This very strong and convenient tripod stand is available for mounting airlamps in such a way that illumination can be angled in most directions. The lamp can be clamped to the tripod head without the need of any tools. When not in use the tripod can be folded away for easy storage.

Anti-Static Compressed Air Hose (A-179 and A-180)

This special 12mm bore single braid hose is manufactured from an anti-static compound and is available in 18.3 metre (A-179) or 36.6 metre (A-180) lengths. Stainless Steel Hose Clips are provided but air line couplings are not for reasons of possible incompatibility.

Air Line Filters (A-184 and A-186)

A simple automatic drain airline filter (A-184) can be supplied, but where there are major difficulties in achieving the air quality required then an ultra high efficiency filter system (A-186) is recommended.

Due to the extra filtration the A-186 filter provides, there is an increased restriction on the air supplied through the air supply system, typical figures of the number of lights that can be used with the two types of filters are shown below:-

A-184 standard filter, having an air flow rate of 4.48m³/min can supply:-

  • 5   x Wolf ATEX Turbolites / Turbolites
  • 17 x Wolf Airturbo

A-186 ultra high efficiency filter, having a air flow rate of 1.67m³/min can supply:-

  • 2 x Wolf ATEX Turbolites / Turbolites
  • 6 x Wolf Airturbo

Note: These figures assume that the compressor is adequate to deliver clean dry air of a suitable flowrate and pressure to the specific Wolf products that it will be powering and that the air system in general is well designed and has minimal losses.


Model Guide

Model No.Product Description
A-300Airlamp Folding Tripod Stand
A-179Anti-Static Compressed Air Hose 18.3m
A-180Anti-Static Compressed Air Hose 36.6m
A-184Automatic Drain Airline Filter
A-186Ultra High Efficiency Filter System