Our lifeboat team had the opportunity to restore a used rescue boat to good functioning condition.

Fibreglass repairs were conducted on the hull and deck. Shock absorbing rubber fenders were included to protect the hull from any future damages. In this photo, we had yet to replace the old grab lines and grab buoys.

We renewed the rubber skates all round and capstans as well.

Engine was restored and tested to good condition.

Steering linkages, steering wheel and propeller were tested to working condition.

To prevent damages, we wrap the top canopy of the rescue boat, after ensuring that the electrical wiring is established and the canopy light is functioning.

Necessary safety equipment is supplied, in preparation for its new lease of life.

Finally the rescue boat is secured to its stands, ready to be lifted for transportation.

The rescue boat is lifted by its inherent release hook, and safely loaded, ready for its journey to its new owner.

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