Our customer had entrusted us with the repair of an open hypalon Walker Bay’s Genesis Rigid Hull Boat (RIB) over the course of their stopover in Singapore . We had the boat brought back from the marina to our workshop for further assessment.

We had the RIB tender fully pumped up and to take a look at the extent of leakages on its buoyancy.

Being a lightweight tender, we found it easy to have the boat turned over for hull inspection.

Our team then went on to identify leakages at its buoyancy tubes on both port and starboard sides. We carefully mark out the areas requiring patching, determining the sizes of fabric needed, and indicating the perimeters for gluing.

Another leakage identified and marked out for repair. We are fans of the original ORCA hypalon and only use their fabrics in the course of our work.

Apart from repairing small holes along the buoyancy tube, we also replaced inflation valves found to be faulty.

The transom is then cleaned and repainted on both sides. Pressure testing commences overnight (a minimal requirement of 24 hours) to ensure that there are no further leakages, followed by the washing and cleaning of the tender the next day. Thereafter, we had it sent back to the ship in one of our pick ups.

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